Do You Need Special Prototype Tooling?

Clifford CNC Tooling Surgeon, LLC, a full-service rapid response EDM tool room located in Reading Township, Adams County, Pennsylvania.  Founded in 2013, we provide customized solutions to government agencies as well as small and mid-sized businesses throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Through a range of machining, consulting and rapid response services focused on technology and […]

HOLE POPPER .3mm-3.0mm

Fast hole drilling EDM was designed for producing fast, accurate small and deep holes. It is conceptually akin to sinker EDM but the electrode is a rotating tube conveying a pressurized jet of dielectric fluid. It can make a hole an inch deep in about a minute and is a good way to machine holes […]


Hello & Welcome to 2023. The number one priority when tasked with machining would be work piece holding.  Tool Design; how to hold and machine the feature required.  

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